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What Happens After 2015: The Role of Business in Furthering Development Goals

As we approach 2015, the end date of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Save the Children’s new report explores what will happen next—and business’ role in furthering the aims of the MDGs.

Emphasizing the shared value proposition of wealth creation and development, Save the Children argues that solving poverty translates into future business opportunities, including creating new consumers, employees, leaders, and innovators and fostering political and economic stability.

The brief outlines three steps for business to support development:

  1. Adopt a “do no harm” approach in their core business.
  2. Use business strategies to help solve development challenges.
  3. Promote change locally and globally.

The organization’s “open and accountable” approach for business would be combined with legislation, peer review, and frameworks like the United Nations Global Compact to support social and environmental impact reporting.

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Julia Robinson

Julia Robinson , Associate, Communications

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Publication Date

December 4, 2012



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