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BSR Insight Archives: 2011 05

Partnership Innovation: It Takes a Supply Chain to Improve Women’s Health

May 31, 2011

Why Strange Bedfellows Can Make Effective Partners

It doesn’t sound like a natural partnership: one of the world’s leading brewers and one of the biggest financiers of programs to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Yet SABMiller and the Global Fund found common ground—literally—by using local shebeens, or taverns, in South Africa to educate patrons about HIV.

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Creating a Supply Chain Strategy for Conflict Minerals

May 24, 2011

Conflict-Free. Not Congo-Free.

Growing regulatory, stakeholder, and media pressure around conflict minerals is pushing companies to sever the link in their supply chain to regions such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But doing so means cutting off the livelihood of nearly a million people in the region who depend on the minerals trade. This week’s video feature outlines the steps companies—and individuals throughout an organization—can take to create a conflict-free supply chain.

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Measuring Corporate Performance in an Era of Complexity, Scrutiny, and Uncertainty

May 17, 2011

Measuring the Measurement Tools for Corporate Performance

How much is it worth to your company to use ecosystem services, those natural systems that businesses rely on for raw materials, adequate supplies of clean water, and protection from natural disasters? And when nature provides those services ostensibly for free, how do you place a value on them?

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Using CSR to Enter New Markets

May 10, 2011

Enter New Markets Using CSR

With offices in 74 countries and annual sales of DKK60.7 billion (about US$12 billion), Denmark-based Novo Nordisk is the clear market leader in diabetes, its focus area. Yet when company leaders decided to enter the diabetes market in China, they did so not just with products but with a long-term strategy focused on health, economic development, and the environment. Like many other company leaders, they understood that CSR could support Novo Nordisk’s growth in China.

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Managing Energy by Working Directly With Suppliers

May 3, 2011

On the Ground in China: Supplier Energy Management

Almost a year after launching our Energy Efficiency Partnership—a collaboration of 10 companies and 75 suppliers in China’s primary manufacturing regions—BSR Climate and Energy Manager Ryan Schuchard has gained significant insight on how company leaders can work directly with individual suppliers to address their unique challenges and opportunities and meet GHG-reduction goals.

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