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Blog Archives: December 2011

December 19, 2011

Protecting Our Oceans: Key to Sustainability

Aron Cramer , President and CEO

In February, I will speak at The Economist's "World Oceans Summit," a valiant—and valuable—effort to increase awareness and commitment to preserving the oceans. The world's oceans cover three-fourths of the Earth's territory, but they occupy far less than that in terms of mindshare regarding sustainability. This Summit may help change that. Read more 

Topics: Climate Change, Environment

December 16, 2011

Introducing the ‘Nice Consumer’: Can She Lead Us to the Sustainable Consumption of Fashion?

Cody Sisco, Former Manager, Advisory Services

Many smart and opinionated people are split on the answer to the question of whether less is more, which has become central to the sustainable consumption debate. Read more 

Topics: Consumer Products, Sustainable Consumption

December 15, 2011

Expanding the Response to Conflict Minerals

Amaya Gorostiaga, Former Manager, Advisory Services

With a grant from the GE Foundation, BSR is exploring ways for companies to partner with key stakeholders to support local-development and capacity-building efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Companies, in partnership with civil society and government representatives, can play a role in supporting targeted and strategic social initiatives that address local-development needs in the region. A number of companies have already joined a wide range of actors to drive progress toward stopping the indirect financing of armed rebel groups through mine-certification schemes and mineral traceability. But while there is much to be said of these important efforts to create a clean and legitimate minerals trade, the multi-stakeholder response should also go beyond supply chain traceability and focus more attention on the millions of livelihoods that depend on the artisanal mining sector. Read more 

Topics: Local Sustainable Performance, Conflict Minerals, Economic, Social & Cultural Rights

December 13, 2011

Chinese Entrepreneurs on Environmental Protection in China

Xiaoshu Wang, Former Associate, Advisory Services

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been traveling around China to interview 35 Chinese entrepreneurs in different industries on how the business sector can promote environmental protection. These interviews will inform a new, three-year member strategy for the Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology (SEE)—an association founded in 2004 with the goal to solve the desertification challenge in Inner Mongolia. Now, seven years later, SEE has nearly 200 members spread all over the country and faces a new challenge: Its members are not satisfied with supporting a single anti-desertification project. Instead, the organization wants to address broader ecological issues across the country. To do this, SEE will be working closely with BSR’s CiYuan initiative, a project focusing on building cross-sector partnerships to enhance the value of social investment in China.  Read more 

Topics: Environment, Philanthropy

December 12, 2011

What the Eurozone Crisis Teaches Us About Durban

Aron Cramer , President and CEO

For the past few years, I have tried to see the results of the COP meetings in Copenhagen, Cancun, and Durban through a “glass-half-full lens,” arguing that even weak agreements keep the process going. Read more 

Topics: Climate Change, Leadership

December 6, 2011

In Your Words: AMD CR Director Tim Mohin on Leadership

Tim Mohin, Corporate Responsibility Director, AMD

Tim MohiniThis guest blog is part of BSR's ongoing series exploring what leadership for sustainability looks like in today's world.

Read more 

Topics: Climate Change, Information & Communications Technology, Leadership

December 2, 2011

The Power of One

Vijay Kanal, Former Director, Information and Communications Technology Practice, Advisory Services

Earlier this week, I attended the Social Innovation Summit 2011 in Palo Alto, which featured an impressive lineup of speakers and panelists, including current and former CXOs of major companies, heads of foundations, sports and music celebrities, and a representative from the White House. Since the conference was held in the heart of Silicon Valley, participants also included a number of tech entrepreneurs who had made their financial fortunes and were now giving back to society. Read more 

Topics: No topics for this entry

December 1, 2011

Women’s Empowerment and HIV/AIDS: A Call to Action on World AIDS Day

Racheal Meiers (née Yeager) , Director, HERproject

When I was in college, I thought “women’s issues” was a soft political science—post-conflict reconciliation and diplomacy, poverty alleviation, and democratization were the tough issues that required the most attention on the global stage. Years later through my work on BSR’s HERproject and global research on gender inequality, I now understand that in fact women’s empowerment lies at the heart of solving (or failing to solve) most global development challenges—including the fight against HIV/AIDS. Read more 

Topics: Women & Sustainability



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