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Blog Archives: July 2011

July 27, 2011

Four Priorities for the Tech Sector in Applying the New UN Guiding Principles

Dunstan Allison-Hope , Managing Director, Advisory Services

Last month, the United Nations Human Rights Council approved new Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights—a major milestone in the history of business and human rights. More clarity exists today than ever before on governments’ duty to protect human rights and thebusiness responsibility to respect human rights. Read more 

Topics: Human Rights, Information & Communications Technology

July 25, 2011

The Danger of ‘Web 2.0’ Enthusiasm for Sustainability Reporting

Dunstan Allison-Hope , Managing Director, Advisory Services

I’ve been a proponent of increased sustainability reporting and transparency since the late 1990s. I produced one of the world’s first “written-for-the-web” sustainability reports while at BT in 2001. I’ve also been heavily involved in the recent internet and human rights agenda, advising Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft on freedom of expression and privacy issues. Read more 

Topics: Reporting & Communications

July 14, 2011

Why Solar Should Care About Sustainability

Ryan Schuchard , Associate Director, Climate Change

Solar power is a poster child of sustainability, at least from the standpoint of energy users. It provides a clean alternative to GHG-emitting fossil fuels and runs indefinitely on free energy from the sun. What more, then, is there to the sustainability of solar energy? Read more 

Topics: Climate Change, Energy, Environment, Human Rights, Strategy & Integration, Supply Chain

July 13, 2011

Pessimism Rules the Day—And Why We Can’t Afford It

Aron Cramer , President and CEO

At dinner following BSR’s Board meeting in London last month, discussion turned quickly to the potential for a looming crash in global markets (no, sadly, this is not a post from 2008). Round and round we went, debating whether the sovereign and consumer debt levels weighing down Europe and the United States were precursors to another crash in the global financial system. Read more 

Topics: Environment, Strategy & Integration, Sustainable Consumption

July 7, 2011

Five Merits of Sustainability Reporting for Management

David Korngold , Manager, Advisory Services

Some think of sustainability reporting as a tack-on to a company’s strategy—that it’s all a bunch of granola that doesn’t matter to meat-and-potatoes management decisions. Yet sustainability reporting offers a tremendous opportunity to generate and communicate management insight, develop a more robust organization, and drive value for the company. This is all in addition to the potential environmental and social benefits that can result from developing a sustainability strategy and report. Read more 

Topics: Reporting & Communications, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategy & Integration



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