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Blog Archives: February 2010

February 23, 2010

Evaluating the Impact of Supply Chain Sustainability

As discussed in BSR’s recent report on key performance indicators for responsible sourcing, metrics for identifying and evaluating the impact of sustainable supply chain initiatives on society are generally underdeveloped. Read more 

Topics: Supply Chain

February 22, 2010

In Conversation with Factory Workers in Bangalore

By Nandini Hampole

In Conversation with Factory Workers in Bangalore

I was recently in Bangalore to kick off the HERproject Southern India expansion through renewed partnerships with international companies, their supplier factories, and our local partner St. John’s Medical College. Read more 

Topics: Supply Chain, Women & Sustainability

February 22, 2010

Water Numbers for Real People

Linda Hwang, Former Manager, Research

In preparation for my participation in a water scarcity risks and footprints conference in San Francisco this week, I’ve been thinking about the data that bring life to corporate water footprints. These footprints typically include a company’s water usage and wastewater discharges throughout a value chain, and allow companies to effectively account for water use and impacts. However, collecting meaningful water-related information is difficult at best, and today there is no clear guidance on what information should be collected, especially when it comes to a company’s supply chain. Read more 

Topics: Water

February 19, 2010

Going for the Cold: What the Vancouver Games Can Teach Us About Adaptation to Global Warming

Ryan Schuchard , Associate Director, Climate Change

When the winter Olympics kicked off virtually snowless last week, the record heat was due not only to El Niño, said Tim Gayda, vice president of the Vancouver Organizing Committee, but to “something else that nobody understands at this point." Read more 

Topics: Climate Change

February 16, 2010

New Opportunities for ICT and Human Rights

Cody Sisco, Former Manager, Advisory Services

New Opportunities for ICT and Human Rights

Last week, BSR hosted a meeting for information and communications technology (ICT) companies in our Paris office to discuss the current state of human rights in the industry. Companies from the telecommunications, software, semiconductor, and industrial equipment sectors, among others, attended. It was fascinating to hear diverse companies from across the whole ICT value chain come together to discuss similar issues that they are facing related to human rights. Read more 

Topics: Human Rights, Information & Communications Technology

February 12, 2010

BSR Launches Sustainable Investment in China Newsletter

Xin Zhuo, Former Manager, Advisory Services

Yesterday, BSR launched its inaugural issue of the Sustainable Investment in China newsletter, a quarterly newsletter for Chinese and international investors actively investing in China. Read more 

Topics: No topics for this entry

February 4, 2010

What I Saw and Heard at Davos

Aron Cramer , President and CEO

It’s never easy to sum up Davos with a single headline or sound bite. There are simply too many subcultures. It’s really several meetings within a meeting. Read more 

Topics: No topics for this entry

February 2, 2010

BSR Debates: Should Sustainability Reporting Be Mandatory?

By Dunstan Allison Hope, Managing Director, ICT Practice, and Blythe Chorn, Associate, Advisory Services

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's announcement last week of guidelines regarding corporate disclosure of climate-related risks brings to the fore a question that has generated growing interest in business and policy arenas: Should sustainability reporting be required? Read more 

Topics: Reporting & Communications



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