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Blog Archives: September 2009

September 25, 2009

Performance Indicators in the Reset World

Peder Michael Pruzan-Jorgensen , Vice President, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

GDP is out and sustainability is in—at least according to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who in addition to capping bankers’ bonuses also wants to cap their hallowed success indicator: GDP growth. While so far the G20 in Pittsburgh has only picked up the ball on the former, the latter warrants consideration. Read more 

Topics: Economic Development

September 24, 2009

Climate Leaders: A Break from the Industry Pack

Aron Cramer , President and CEO

Some of this week’s most interesting developments related to business and climate didn’t come from the UN Climate Summit in New York or from Pittsburgh (site of the G20 Summit), but instead from San Francisco and Beaverton, Oregon. Read more 

Topics: Climate Change, Environment, Strategy & Integration

September 24, 2009

Dispatch from Hong Kong: Will We Ever See Big-Picture Climate Accounting?

Ryan Schuchard , Associate Director, Climate Change

This week in Hong Kong, ASrIA held a press conference that covered two arenas of business climate action that, disappointingly, have yet to mix. Read more 

Topics: No topics for this entry

September 23, 2009

IT Companies Collaborate to Address China’s Digital Divide

Adam Lane , Manager, Advisory Services

Last week, seven information and technology (IT) companies (five international and two Chinese) met in Beijing as part of a regular BSR working group for IT companies in China established earlier this year. This third meeting focused on how the companies could collaborate to address the digital divide, while still maintaining their competitive edge. Read more 

Topics: Information & Communications Technology

September 22, 2009

Strategic Philanthropy Sweeps through China

Adam Lane , Manager, Advisory Services
Pei Bin, Former Director, China Partnership Development

The topic of philanthropy in China is rivaling the environment and climate change—and even the financial crisis—for top headlines in China, and two BSR-hosted events on strategic philanthropy were telling of this new trend. Read more 

Topics: No topics for this entry

September 16, 2009

Europeans Trust Business Less—and More

Peder Michael Pruzan-Jorgensen , Vice President, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Trust—and trust in business, in particular—can be a fickle friend. One year after the fall of Lehman Brothers, and its subsequent global economic impact, we see public confidence in business "to do what's right" playing out very differently in different regions. Read more 

Topics: Governance & Accountability

September 10, 2009

Redefining the Business Case for Worker Rights

Scott Chang, Former Manager, BSR

When I worked in San Francisco, I helped several companies develop codes of conduct for worker rights to ensure social compliance in their supply chains. When I lived in Guangzhou, I worked extensively to convince factory managers to implement these codes. In both places, I was always asked: "What is the business case for doing this work?" Or, in bolder terms, "How much more money can I make if I design or comply with a code of conduct?" Read more 

Topics: Human Rights

September 3, 2009

Health Care as an Investment, not a Cost

Farid Baddache , Director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

With the fervor around the U.S. health care debate rivaling that of the carbon tax debate in France, it's worth taking a look at lessons learned on this side of the Atlantic. Read more 

Topics: Stakeholder Engagement



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