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Blog Archives: August 2009

August 21, 2009

The Glass is Filling Up

Linda Hwang, Former Manager, Research

The Glass is Filling Up

As a member of BSR’s Research & Innovation team—which frequently considers the business implications of environmental and human rights issues (as well as the intersection of the two)—I have found the ongoing debate between Fiji Water and the U.S. investigative magazine Mother Jones to be an exciting conversation. Read more 

Topics: Stakeholder Engagement, Water

August 20, 2009

Less Stick, More Carrot in the Carbon Tax Debate

Farid Baddache , Director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

The carbon tax debate is all over the French media these days—and this fascinating battle may hold lessons for how this debate will play out across the rest of Europe and more widely. Read more 

Topics: Climate Change, Environment

August 17, 2009

What’s in a Label? Gap’s New Clean Water Wash Messaging

Ayesha Barenblat, Former Director, Stakeholder Collaboration

Stop by any Gap Inc. store this month, and you’ll come across their new jean line—the “1969 Premium Jean”—a brand touted as “born to fit.” While these new jeans are marketed to fit and feel better, there is something extra special about this denim line: Turn the jeans inside out and you will see on the inside pocket a new “Clean Water Wash” label including a message stating that the water used to wash and dye the jeans was treated to meet safety and quality standards before being returned to the environment. Read more 

Topics: Consumer Products, Water

August 12, 2009

What’s in a Word?

Diane Osgood, Ph.D.

The language used at last week's Sustentável 2009 conference in Brazil highlights hot trends and differing perspectives on global sustainability. Read more 

Topics: Strategy & Integration

August 9, 2009

The Word from São Paulo? Copenhagen

Diane Osgood, Ph.D.

I am presenting at Sustentável 2009, the 3rd International Congress for Sustainability in São Paulo, where over 1,000 people from business, government, and civil society have assembled for three days. Read more 

Topics: Climate Change

August 6, 2009

Avoid Greenwashing… but Speak Up!

Eric Olson , Senior Vice President, Advisory Services

Sprint’s launch today of a modestly priced “green” phone—the Reclaim, developed with Samsung—is a good example of getting it right with respect to green products and related communications. I know because I led a small BSR team that provided some of the external review for the phone as part of our ongoing work with the company. Read more 

Topics: Stakeholder Engagement, Strategy & Integration

August 3, 2009

Why You Should Care that Fish Are Shrinking

Stephanie Greene, Former Manager, BSR

Guess what? Fish are getting skimpier. And not just because of overfishing, but because of climate change.  Read more 

Topics: Climate Change, Supply Chain



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